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Street Art Workshops

Outreach workshops working with professional artists

Spray painted footprints on a spray painted canvas laid out on a street art workshop table
Street Art spray painting portrait 1
Street Art Workshop
Street Art spray painting street scene
Grit Art Central spray painting wall
Street art spray painting girl portrait
Street art spray painting girl portrait 2

What are street art workshops?

Grit and fellow professionals will lead outreach workshops to share their skills in stencilling and spray art techniques – leading to series of artworks for the ‘Art On the streets’ event in Nuneaton town centre in August 2024.

We will deliver 3 x 2-3 hour street art workshops over 3 weeks to a series community groups. 

Our aims are –

  • Introduce the concept of street art and gather initial responses from the community.
  • Develop creative ideas in response to a brief to work collaboratively on a piece of artwork.
  • Explore paint and drawing techniques – design concepts and working in public spaces.
  • Produce pieces on large boards and individual ‘footprints’ for large community piece for the town centre/Grit Art Central.

How can I get involved?

If you are a youth group, community group or a group of people with a community space who would like to get involved – we would love to hear from you. Email


Booking a street art workshop?

Please email us for a project/booking form.

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