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Portrait of a Town

Portrait of a Town invites those who possess grit to be part of a project that features people in Nuneaton today

Portraits on canvas
Portrait paintings on wood
Portrait painting canvas - gentleman

Who has Grit?

We are looking for individuals to be painted who demonstrate passion and perseverance toward a goal despite being confronted by significant obstacles and distractions.

An ongoing series of portraits made by GRIT artists. Historically the portrait has been reserved for the powerful and important, the rich and famous, traditionally seen in the gallery and institutions. Making a portrait of someone is a very special moment and portraying those portraits publicly brings pride and ownership of a space.

Working from GRIT Art Central professional artists Alisha Miller and Nathan Parker who work with portraiture in their own practice will curate a programme of engagement opportunities – such as face to face conversation for people to be drawn/painted/photographed and sprayed either within their own community spaces, residence or at GAC.

These portraits will be multigenerational and diverse of people who live, work and were born in Nuneaton.

Over the year these portraits will form a body of work that reflect the people of the town in 2023/24 and will be a snap shot in time for an archival heritage legacy.


How can I get involved?

Do you have Grit? Could you or someone you know be part of a project that features people in Nuneaton today?

Those who possess grit are invited to arrange a sitting, pop in and see us at Grit Art Central or email us at


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