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Street Art Workshops

With our first exhibition as a backdrop, we also delivered our first in-house workshop on December 14th. Alisha and Nathan would like to thank everyone who attended and produced amazing results through the exploration of stencil and spray paint. The 3-hour crash course in street art was delivered to a number of ACL teachers and volunteers, who came away with new creative skills and a fresh perspective on the culture and potential of street art, which they will be able to pass on to their wider community.

The first of a planned series of outreach workshops, GRIT will be working with community groups in the new year to deliver 3-part courses exploring the cultural significance and techniques involved in street art. In addition to developing new skills and knowledge, participants will have the opportunity to create individual artworks showcasing their talents, as well as contribute to a collaborative centrepiece that will be displayed as part of ‘Art on the Streets’ in August 2024.

Colourful spray painted footprints on a spray painted canvas laid out on a street art workshop table

If you are interested in securing a place in an upcoming workshop for your community group or organisation, GRIT would love to talk to you about getting involved. Drop in on one of our open days or send an e-mail to for more information.