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GRIT is an artist led programme of creativity culminating in 'Art on the Streets' August 2024

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Art on the Streets 2024

Grit Art Central window display

What is GRIT?

GRIT is an artist-led programme of creativity culminating in ‘Art on the Streets‘ August 2024.

A Year long showcase of site specific artworks in Nuneaton blending street and transit art, theatre performance, portraiture and music engaging local people to explore contemporary life and work.


Nuneatons roots are embedded in making and manufacturing, renowned for its quarried stone and solid geology.

A down-to-earth town with a foundation in the arts and innovation.

Despite challenges, Nuneaton has a quiet underground creative scene. It’s time to bring it above ground and onto our streets.

What will GRIT do?

Grit will lead a programme of creative activity culminating in ‘Art on The Streets’ on August 11th 2024 in Nuneaton town centre. A spectacular event of street and transit art, theatre, physical performance, portraiture and music. Showcasing a year long curation of site specific artworks with local people that unearths contemporary life in Nuneaton today.

Grit Art Central home

Grit Art Central

Over time our building will become a ‘familiar face’ within the town centre – a creative hub with a high street presence intended for project research, engagement, development, exhibition and much more. A space that can visually speak to the public 24/7 utilising large window spaces for art installations, information and invitations made by us to work with you.

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Portrait of a town painting

Portrait of a Town

Would you or someone you know like to be part of a project that features people in Nuneaton today? We are looking for you!

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Street art by n4t4 at Grit Art Central

Street Art Workshops

Outreach workshops working with professional artists to understand its practice, learn new skills, create artwork and positive change for public spaces, culture and creativity.

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Convoy lorry transit art


Exploring Nuneaton’s creative industries, it’s workforce and landscape.

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Theatre stage production


Working with communities to find out stories of Nuneaton today. What people feel about the place they live in, how it influences them and how they influence the town.

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Come in and see us on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesdays and Thursdays to speak directly to the artists, or to collect information on how you can be involved in our projects.

Sometimes we may be painting – if so, you can watch us in action – we will have time slots for chat on our sign outside.

Look out for invites and posters in our doorway or simply email us at or sign up to our newsletter.